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We have a Theme ! – “Strawberry Night Fever” !!

September 27, 2007

Minutes of Sept 27th Fund-Raiser meeting.


After much discussion and lots of suggestions in past few weeks we put the Theme choices to a vote and decided unanimously on a 70’s night theme to be called “Strawberry Night Fever” !!!!….Yeah !!

We also reviewed the Committees and volunteer assignments and these are listed below. A quick status update was taken on the progress to date of each committee and we agreed that each chairperson or their designate would come prepared to provide a progress update at next week’s meeting on Friday October 5th at 8:45am.

Finally we discussed each committee’s priorities for the month of October and determined these to be the following;

1. Marketing – Logo development and Communications Plan.
2. Solicitations – Sales Plan and letters to merchants and business sponsors.
3. Class Art – Teachers and students engaged in projects.
4. Site Ops – Catering bids.
5. Catalog – To be gotten under way.
6. Site Design – Under way with theme now in place.
7. Games & Prizes – Casino set-up is already under way.
8. Data Entry, Systems & Treasurer – Under way.

Action Items:
1. Committee updates at 10/5 meeting. – Committee Chairs
2. Sales plan for Solicitations for 10/5 review. – Anton
3. Logo suggestions & Communications Plan for 10/5 review. – Michael
4. Solicitations letters and mailing lists by 10/5. – Anton & Mary
5. Brochure plan to be reviewed on 10/5. – Scott & Gwen
6. Systems & Operations processes to be “un-packed”. – Steve/Jack
7. Budgets for Art projects and Band to be provided. – Anton

Thanks again to everyone for all of the input today !!
Next Meeting will be on Friday October 5th at 8:45am.


Committee Chairs & Volunteers

September 27, 2007

List of volunteers and Committee Chairs have been posted on the Volunteers Page. We’ll be updating this to reflect everyone who has made a contribution to this event and it’s success!

Fund-Raiser 2008 Kickoff

September 7, 2007

WHEN: Thursday, September 13th at 8:45 AM
WHERE: Multi-Purpose Room

Please join us for this year’s Fund-Raiser Kickoff. The goals of this Kickoff are to discuss and agree on the Theme and Format for this year’s event, assign volunteers, establish Committee Chairs and review an initial timeline that will also allow the team to have a huge amount of fun completing everything on time.

Mrs. Thornton and the PTA have included on their “wish-list” this year: Technology upgrades and new equipment, native plants and supplies, outdoor equipment and a Science initiative along with sound equipment and lighting for the multi-purpose room – That’s a lot of stuff!!!

However all of these are consistent with Strawberry Point School’s “Dream” for the future – A respect for the environment we live in, a use of more technology and less paper, an emphasis on nature and improving the play areas – which of course the existing Wetlands project is an important part. We hope you can make it on Thursday to keep building this dream!