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Miss Abrams & The 4th Grade Class

November 3, 2007


In celebration of the 70’s we’re going to be looking back at some of the more notable events from that decade. Some of you may know of or have heard the Mill Valley song by Miss Abrams and the fourth grade class. In 1970, Rita Abrams, a kindergarten teacher at our very own Strawberry Point School, wrote a song for her students to sing with her. Through a series of events, the song, entitled “Mill Valley” and sung by Rita and the then-third grade class of Strawberry Point School, was recorded and became a nationwide hit. (When the album was released, the kids were in fourth grade and the title was changed.) It was a national phenomenon with Miss Abrams and the kids touring across the country and making appearances on television and radio. You can read about it at the Rita Abrams Page.