Super Strawberries

Who are the mysterious students in this photo? Originally called the Wild Strawberries they are subsequently renamed Mr. Kline’s Super Strawberries. Were they wild or super? More importantly, who was Mr. Kline? Will an informed alumnus or faculty member please step forward and explain who these people were and why they had their own group photo? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Please check out more of these Super Wild Strawberries on the Super Strawberries Page.

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3 Responses to “Super Strawberries”

  1. Don Kline Says:

    Hi everybody,

    I just got word about the event from Melanie and yes, my wife, Collette and I will certainly be there. I am so touched by your words, Klaus. It is just wonderful to receive such a powerful acknowledgement after so many years. In so many ways, my time teaching at Strawberry Point School was the best time of my life. To you, the kids, and to you, their parents, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and creating the magic that made the Super and Wild Strawberries a reality.

    If I could only turn back the clock, I would 1) Get back that huge wig and beard I wore in each of the photos, 2) Get back those size 30 jeans, 3) still ask the kids to give the class a name (for those of you wondering how the name came to be…) and 4) most importantly, stand with every single child I ever taught over 16 years and have a gigantic group hug in celebration of the wonderful, loving experience we all provided for one another.

    Thank you Klaus and each one of you whose lives I hope I was able to touch in some positive and affirmative way. I am crosing my fingers that many, many of you whom I taught and your parents will be at this amazing evening.

    With gratitude and love,

    Don Kline

  2. Kimberley Michelle Fitzsimmons Says:

    Wow, this is amazing. I am one of the Super Wild Strawberry’s in the photo, and am proud of it. I am so grateful to have had such a loving, caring and wacky teacher for my third through fifth years of elementary school – Mr. Kline; a.k.a. “Kline”.
    I’m thrilled to mention that, although we lost track of each other for many years, we have been back in touch with each other for the last several years. Since I have a very small family, I am extremely appreciative that we are friends again.
    I hope that I can come support this cause, see old friends, and hug Kline and his wonderful family.
    Thanks for honoring Kline, a outstanding man, teacher, husband, father, friend, and more! Hats off!

  3. Klaus Larsen Says:


    I am so excited. If you have any pictures of the old portable I would love to see them. Looking forward to the night.



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