Graduating Class of 1970

Thanks to alumnus Jill Templeton (top row, 3rd from left), we were able to track down this photo of the class of 1969-70. More importantly I was able to get some insight to the origins of the “class name” given to Mr’s Kline’s class.

To enlarge photo click here.

We’re still uncovering the story on Mr. Kline’s class and hopefully we’ll be able to get the complete history when we meet Mr. Kline in person at the event. The Class of 1970 named their class the Javelin Jerks prior to the selection of Wild Strawberries and then Super Strawberries. Mr. Kline’s class from 1976-80 renamed themselves Portable People in reference to the only classroom portable used at Strawberry at that time. The student composition of the classroom varied during the 70’s, consisting of 2nd through 6th graders and was part of a progressive education program. Hopefully, we can include the complete story in our Archives once obtain the history from Mr. Kline and his students.

I don’t know if there was a separate 6th grade class during the 1969-70 school year but it looks like Mrs. Ekman and Mr. Kline were co-teaching the Javelin Jerks. The following year they split with Mrs. Ekman teaching a separate 6 grade only class. Please visit the Class Photos Page and Super Strawberries Page to see additional new photos of the Graduating Classes of Strawberry. This photo has been placed on both Pages.

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