Letter from Leslie Thornton

Dear Families,

Our Strawberry Night Fever Auction Night is only six days away now. So many have worked so hard to create this wonderful event. Thank you all so much for the amazing auction items that have been donated. This will be a wonderful event, whether you are interested in meeting new people and getting to know staff members, enjoying great music, meeting Rita Abrams and alumni, dancing, or seeing and bidding on auction items. Some items will be in a “Buy it now” category, so plan on coming early in the evening.

If you have never attended before, you should know that some will come in 70’s attire, but many will not, and all are welcome! Having RSVP’s by Wednesday will help us get an accurate count for food ordering. Auction items include opportunities to spend time with teachers and staff members, vacation opportunities, and everything in between. It is an amazing offering. Profits from this evening will make a big difference in each child’s school experience, funding hands on science in our wetlands, technology, adding to our kindergarten playground, an expanded homework club, and more.

To involve the students, Friday will be a Disco Day as well. Students are encouraged to dress up, and we will have disco music at lunch for our weekly dance party. Students will all be given Disco Ball necklaces this week to wear on Friday.

Friday morning will be an opportunity to come to coffee, preview auction items, and attend my monthly chat right after drop off in the multi-purpose room.

I hope to see all of you on Friday morning and Saturday night. Thank you so much for all you do for our students and school.


Leslie Thornton
Strawberry Point School

One Response to “Letter from Leslie Thornton”

  1. Kerry Myers Says:

    Thirteen years ago a towheaded little boy walked into the Tree Room for his first day of first grade. That little boy, now 19, just finished his first year in the Honors Program at University of Nevada, Reno with a 4.0 in both semesters. His declared major is Chemical Engineering, but the deans and department heads in Mathematics and Chemistry are trying to persuade him to change. He loves all three subjects. Where this adventure takes him is anyone’s guess.

    So often in your profession you never get to see the results of the seeds you plant. This note seeks to correct that for one particular “sprout.” Once again, I thank you for all you have done to give this youngster such a great start.

    Best regards,

    Kerry Myers
    Being Kirby’s dad is the best job I will ever have

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