Last Auction Night Update


We hope you are all coming on Saturday! (if you change your mind, just show up!! – you can buy tickets at the door). If you already turned in your reply card, you won’t be getting tickets, you are pre-registered, and can go through the Express Check-In at the front desk (a compelling reason to get your reply cards in today – who wants to stand in line??!) BTW, we are short on Auction Night catalogs, so if you don’t need yours, then please drop it by to the cart or the office – we’d appreciate it!

– It’s going to be an AMAZING party. We expect 250 (maybe more!) so there will be plenty of folks to mingle and catch up with. If you are new to the school, it’s a great way to meet other parents and teachers (old and new!). Bring your friends, neighbors….anyone! (for $50 for two, it’s a great party value for dinner/drink/casino/band). We will have a special guest – Huey Lewis will be in the lobby reminiscing about his days at Strawberry Point, where he skipped second grade – really! (OK – he’ll be on video – hot off the press from the AT&T Golf tournament interview today with our own Vern Glenn).

– Get there EARLY! (doors open at 6pm). This year we are excited about a new concept that early-bird discount shoppers will really love! Inside the lobby you’ll see “Buy It Now / Instant Win” items (with Scott’s very clever “flame” logo). That’s right! 80 items that will go fast – as they are discounted- there are some amazing DEALS! Dinner is only served until 8:30pm – so get there early!

FRIDAY is Preview Day, PTA Coffee and Principal Chat-and Disco Day for the Kids! If you’d like to check out the intriguing items that you saw in the catalog, the NEW “Buy it Now / Instant Wins”, or the wonderful Class Projects that your children and parents have been working so hard on – then stop by the Multi-purpose room before or after school on Friday. There will be coffee and goodies starting at 8am, and an added bonus: Leslie Thornton will be having a Principal Chat at 8:45am, so stop by!! The kids are joining in on the fun by dressing up 70s on Friday and having a Disco Dance Party (your children will be getting a disco necklaces to wear, and Student Council be selling tie-dyed shirts on Thursday and Friday in front of the school).

Volunteer! We need minivans/trucks/SUVS to help transport the Auction Items from the school at 1:15pm on Saturday – and parents to help decorate the Community Center (just show up at 2pm at the MV Community Center). It’s a fun time! We **really** need volunteers to help Clean-Up so this year we have an incentive….help clean-up from 11:30pm to 12:30am and you’ll get a free limo ride home! This special limo offer is for the first 8 to sign-up! – sign up at the Disco cart or at the Preview, or email Thanks so much for your help!

Babysitting Options!

The Pizza/Disco Kids Party at the Community Center is SOLD OUT, but Rent-a-Parent is offering a Strawberry Pt. discount. Call Rent-A-Parent in Tiburon at: 435-2642 for details.

Where to get Costumes! The Student Council will be selling tie-dyed t-shirts in front of the school on Thursday and Friday morning – so if you want to dress-up, here’s you chance! Your children will also be receiving disco ball necklaces (so you can always borrow that!).

See you on Saturday!!!!

– Auction Night 2008 Committee

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