What an Event!

It was an awesome evening out at Auction Night 2008 – Strawberry Night Fever. As we left the sitter and approached Mill Valley Community Center we spotted the lights emanating from the parking lot, directing us to our big event. It was amazing to see so many people decked out in full seventies dress. Everyone looked fabulous! From sexy short dresses and long go-go boots to groovy tie dye shirts and way out hair. There were peace signs and disco balls adorning our party goers and smiles everywhere. You had to wonder how seventies fashion went out of style when everyone looked this good!

There were many faces, familiar and new, at this years Auction Night. Former Strawberry parents and veteran Casino Night chairs, Marcella and Eddie Savino and Tammy Edmonson were in attendance and showing their continued support for our school. It was great to see so many alumni attend and reconnect with classmates and teachers. Austin Powers made his way around the room breaking the ice and keeping things groovy… baby! The gorgeous girls from Livewire were turning heads as they mingled and posed for photos. Even the Mill Valley Middle School kids serving hors d’oeuvres in their colorful tie dye shirts were having a great time, sneaking in a little dancing between refilling trips to the kitchen. The evening’s fare catered by Foodnik was scrumptious amazing good right down to the chocolate strawberries and there wasn’t an empty glass in the room as “adult beverages” kept flowing all evening. We heard reports that the vast quantities of beer purchased for the evening were scarce by the middle of the event! What a crowd! There was exciting action at the casino tables as everyone got in on the fun of winning at blackjack, roulette, and craps. There were no losers last night. Let’s see that in Vegas!

Leslie Thornton took stage and introduced Rita Abrams to the crowd with a heart-warming story. Rita maintained that sentimentality, bringing on-stage two of her former students for a “Mill Valley” sing-a-long. It was great seeing former teachers Rita Abrams and Don Kline reminiscing with former students and parents. You couldn’t help but to feel the sense of history about our school as you viewed the Strawberry Point memorabilia on display throughout the main entrance.

The Live Auction kicked off hosted by our terrific trio of Vern Glenn, Adam Saville, and Terry McSweeney. They did an incredible job of getting the crowd involved in the bidding battles and raising their hands. Vern “The Groove Man” Glenn did his thing on stage, raising the excitement level and entertaining the crowd all the while performing multiple costume changes on stage. There were some friendly competition among the attendees as they “fought” over and won some amazing bargains. Classroom Projects were popular as ever with Adam Saville performing his usual brand of Strawberry humor and keeping the crowd giggling like 1st graders. A particularly unrecognizable Terry McSweeney donned in peacenik hippie dress had cards flying as he solicited bids to uncover photos of the new Grass Field Part II – Environmental Education Package for Fund-a-Need. What an amazing job by these three last night! Even the lovely ladies taking the bid numbers and assisting with their best Vanna White were a pleasant distraction on stage!!

The evening closed with lights down low and the music turned up. Livewire took stage again and brought the house down as everyone got up on the dance floor, shook their booty, and contracted a good dose of “Strawberry Night Fever”. It was great fun to watch as it was to partake in the dancing. We were witness to some Strawberry parents in never before seen dancing action. Wow! I was really impressed and a little scared at the same time.

Looking back it was hard to imagine how much fun this evening was going to be. As a volunteer on Auction Night I can say that there is nothing more rewarding than working with a fantastic team of parents towards the common goal of improving the learning experiences and the lives of our children. To have it also result in an unforgettable party that brings our community together and reconnect us to our school’s past leaves me a bit speechless.

Michael Kim

We’ll be posting further recaps of our event over the next week. If you have photos from the event please contact Michael Kim (michael.dk @ comcast.net) for inclusion on this site. Photos, videos, and reports of Auction Night results to come! Stay tuned!!

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