Alumni (Updated 2/1)

We are working diligently on this section of our blog. Please come back soon to see the latest addition to celebrate students from the 70’s. We hope to have everything up after the holiday break. As a teaser please enjoy this photo.


We’ve added the Class Photos Page to showcase the Graduating Class from years 1969-70 to 1979-1980.

We’ve added the Staff Photos Page. Check out your favorite former teachers!

Just updated the several additional photos to Class Photos and Super Strawberries Pages. – New!

More photos submitted and in process of being scanned. – New!

Class photos will be showcased at the event! – New!

If you are a former student or teacher of Strawberry Point School or know someone who is and would like attend our “Blast from the Past” party on Auction Night please contact Deb Schwarz ( for more information on how to order tickets. We have a special promotion extended to Friends and Alumni of Strawberry Point School!

5 Responses to “Alumni (Updated 2/1)”

  1. Deb Schwarz Says:

    If you’ve seen the posters or ad in the Mill Valley Herald or Ark – let us know what you remember from your time at Strawberry Pt. school – and if you recognize any of the photos that we are in the midst of posting here…..(just click on the submit comment button) – and don’t forget to email us for an invite – we have some special things planned for Alumni at the Feb. 9 party so you won’t want to miss it!

  2. Jo Ann Haseltine Says:

    Anyone out there from the years 1957 to 1960 at Strawberry? Ah what a view I had of San Francisco from my 5th grade class room and from the play ground at recess. I am still in touch with my 5th grade teacher Miss Donna Van Lente (Now Mrs. Brown). She married at the end of my 5th grade and she invited us kids to her Wedding. She lives in San Jose but comes up this way for lunch with me at least once a year.

  3. Michael Says:

    Hi Jo Ann, we’re so glad to hear from past alumni. It’s wonderful how many students still have such fond memories of SPS as adults. We’re hoping that with enough interest we will be able to start a permanent online historical archive of Strawberry Point School. If you have any photos or memorabilia you’d like to share please contact me. (

    Hope to see you at the event!

  4. Jo Ann Haseltine Says:

    Have sent invitations to others in my years. I have class pictures from 4th to 6th grade. If some savvy computer person knows how to scan them to this site I’m happy to do that. I have a scanner.

  5. Deb Schwarz Says:

    Just found out that some of Rita Abrams’ original 70s singing kids will be coming to the Benefit Party and will be on stage with Rita to sing! Erin Schwarz, Bruce Bennett – and we’re trying to get Jerry Norton and Jana Delmus (sp?).


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