Staff Photos

SPS Staff from 1969-70…missing!

SPS Staff from 1970-71

SPS Staff from 1971-72

SPS Staff from 1972-73…missing!

SPS Staff from 1973-74

SPS Staff from 1974-75

SPS Staff from 1975-76

SPS Staff from 1976-77

SPS Staff from 1977-78

SPS Staff from 1978-79…missing!

SPS Staff from 1979-80…missing!

Help us locate missing photos and complete our archive! Please contact Michael ( @ if you still own any of the missing photographs.

One Response to “Staff Photos”

  1. Deb Schwarz Says:

    Don Kline – where are you?????

    Don is the bearded guy behind Mr. Castelli (in the red shirt) 1976-77 and in other years, too.

    You have a local student who would love to see you again as you had such a positive effect on him. He would like to know if you are coming to the Auction Night/Blast from the Past party….. let us know where you are…

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