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Verdigris Architecture

December 18, 2007

Verdigris is a nimble team of architects focused on bringing order and form to our clients’ physical requirements. In the complex design, regulatory and construction environment, our collaborative approach generates nuanced solutions.

Working as joint venture partners, Verdigris frequently develops it’s own projects. Full exposure to the process of conception, development, refinement and implementation sharpens our ability to provide informed advice at each project phase.

To have greatest financial and creative impact, Verdigris continually investigates and incorporates emerging construction technology. We Strive to provide elegant solutions, efficiently designed and environmentally considered. Lifecycle analysis is integral to our thinking.

Past projects have included single and multi-family housing in urban and suburban neighborhoods as well as commercial and retail renovation. We love working with historic structures and challenging sites to extend useful life and provide layerd experience where past and present intersect.


Verdigris Architecture in Sausalito has generously donated 2 hours of architectural consultation for residential or commercial projects. ($250 value)

Solicited by Chip Smith

Shirley Parks Design

December 14, 2007

StyleHaus – Designing Style For Your House

Your home should reflect the very best version of you. The look of one’s house is an extension of one’s personality. Even if you don’t know what your style is exactly, Shirley will insipre individuality that makes you say, “that’s me.”

Your personal environment matters. The right space enhances outlook, inner peace and productivity. It can’t be easily measured or proven, but it’s instinctive.

Style and function co-exist beautifully. A room designed to be bulletproof can also be completely hip and stylish with the right fabrics, storage solutions, floor coverings and room dividers.

One can get a lot of style without a lot of money. The stylish and distinctive exists without the premium – one just needs to know where to go to find perfect item within budget – because it is always out there.


Shirley Parks Design in Mill Valley has generously donated 2 hours of interior design consulting. ($375 value)

Solicited by Shirley Parks