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Get Your 70’s Costumes Lined Up!

January 22, 2008

We don’t require that you dress up, but it’s fun! We’ve made it easy by listing websites to order costumes on-line and local places to pick up 70’s garb. We’ll have a more comprehensive list shortly. In the meantime check out Costume Super Center (

Disco Dolly


JCPenney Catalog Circa 1977

December 27, 2007

Johnny Virgil, from 15 Minute Lunch, posted these photos after discovering a JCPenney catalog from 1977 in his attic. The full article has not been reprinted here due to content. I encourage anyone who has a sense of humor to visit Johnny’s blog. You can read his original amusing post here.

(Courtesy Johnny Virgil, 15 Minute Lunch)