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Keep on Groovin with Strawbery Night Fever!

December 5, 2007

Check out the groovy new donations that have just come in! Spend a fabulous weekend at “The Resort at Squaw Creek” in Squaw Valley? Too much excitement? How about a peaceful weekend at the “Green Gulch Farm Zen Center” in Muir Beach? Perhaps your idea of Zen would be to let your child join 19 other lucky winners for a “Pajama Party Extravaganza” with Dee and Selina while you enjoy some tranquility at home with a glass of wine. (A great selection so far from Cline Cellar’s Winery, Dutcher Crossing Winery, and the Brazen Head Block Party) Then there may be others whose idea of Zen would be getting under par while hitting the links at the Mill Valley Golf Club . These are just some of the great items that have been donated for Auction Night 2008!!


Auction Night relies on your participation to be a success. We need more donations and all different types of donations are needed. There are lots of ways to donate or solicit donations. Tap into business relationships with your favorite local merchants for gift certificates. Get creative and have fun with friends planning and hosting a party. Parties have proven to be very popular with attendees and everyone has a great time. Auction Night loves sports and fun stuff for the kids so keep those autographed baseballs rolling in. Everyone enjoys going out so tickets to movies, plays, concerts, etc. are eagerly anticipated.

Donation forms can be found in the main office or downloaded here and completed forms can also be dropped off there. We have a running list of merchants who have already been solicited and that can be found in the office as well or email Mary Waluk at with any questions.

A continued thanks to all of the people working diligently to keep those donations coming in. Special thanks to the previous winners of the Parking Space Prize:

1st Week – Jan Bolgla
2nd Week – Katie Yip
3rd Week – Lisa Terry

This week’s winner of the Parking Space is: Julie Boyadjian!!

Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Auction Night 2008
Fund-raising Team