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Grass Is Coming!

October 25, 2007

The sod for our field will be delivered and installed starting next Friday, November 2nd!!! Our construction project with Hanford ARC is drawing to a close and all work should be completed by the first week of December. These contractors have been fantastic and very supportive of this project. Many thanks to our foreman David Feliciano, and the Hanford supervisors of Doug Hanford and Laurie Rose, along with the many other individuals involved in this project.We need your help! The grass is extremely fragile until it is established. No unauthorized individuals (or pets) should be on this field until the end of the rainy season. We’ve worked too hard to get this field installed, please help us in protecting this field while it becomes established. The fencing will remain in place, and we ask that you watch for individuals inside the fencing, particularly on the weekends when the school is closed.

Thank you!

Anne Forell Romero, Wetlands/Field Committee Chair