Volunteers (Updated 2/3)

These are the growing number of volunteers who have committed their time generously to this worthy cause. Whether you are motivated to help organize one of the many aspects of our annual fund-raiser or just have a few hours to spare, we have a place for you. Please contact Mary Waluk (waluk1@aol.com or 389-1474) or Deb Schwarz (debschwarz@mac.com or 415-990-7571) for inquires about volunteering.

Auction Night Chairs – Anton & Deb Schwarz

Volunteers – Mary Waluk & Deb Schwarz

MC’s – Vern Glenn (KRON4) & Terry McSweeney (KGO7) & Adam Seville (SPS1)

Marketing (Website & blog, newsletter, advertising, communications, PR)
Graphics (Design & produce invitations, signs, forms, auction materials)
Michael Kim (Chair), Deb Schwarz, Jack Naqvi, Mary Waluk, Scott McDaniel, Pamela Durand, Harvey Lee

Solicitations (Solicitations materials, organize solicitors, sponsors & donations)
Mary Waluk (Chair), Joann Rossi, David Harband, Sophie Kim, Alex Fee, Doreen Cusick, Elisa Brooks, Nicole Glenn

Class Donations (Organize art projects & volunteer room parents)
Lyndsay Levy (Chair), Wynne Mentink, Annette Venables, Jen Parlamis, Cale Nichols, Erikka Blevins

Alumni (Manage alumni relations, advertising, communications)
Deb Schwarz (Chair)

Auction Systems (Technology oversight, reports, hardware, set-up for event, check in/out desk personnel)
Steve Jaber (Chair), Tammy Edmonson, Tara Dickson, Amy Quaranta, Bain La Plant, Marty Sawyers, Michelle Magdycz, Carole Hanson, Stefany Harband, Karen Jaber, Jack Naqvi, Gary Atashkarian

Auction Inventory & Data Entry (Track guests & donations, organize auction items, coordinate with Catalog)
Gwen Hubbard (Chair), Michelle Magdycz, Stefany Harband

Auction Catalog (Design & produce catalog & auction materials, coordinate with Data Entry)
Scott McDaniel (Chair), Gwen Hubbard

Site Operations (Site rental, management, live entertainment, food & beverages, event personnel)
Deb Schwarz (Chair), Nike van der Molen Lochman

Site Design (Room design & layout, interior decorations, Auction Night displays)
Barbara DuBois (Co-chair), Ana Coe (Co-chair), Karl Wolfersperger, Lisa Terry, Selina Boatright, Kim Andrews, Nadia Georgiadis, Jennifer Beaumont, Julie Boyadjian, Allie Khalatbari, Wendy Homer, Iva Sloane, Joann Rossi, Caroline Donohue, Suzanne McSweeney, Katrina Currier, Stacey Cohen

Games & Prizes (Organize casino games, raffle, door prizes)
John Conner (Chair)

Treasurer (Budget/expense reports, approvals, reimbursements, income/deposits, credit card processing)
Will Georgiadis (Chair), Amy Paulenich, Caroline Donohue

Every attempt has been made to verify the correct spelling of names and the accuracy of this list. If you know of a volunteer who is not listed please contact Michael (michael.dk @ comcast.net). It is very important to us that everyone understands that the success of Auction Night is the cumulative effort of numerous people working together throughout the year for the benefit of all of our children. The children and parents of Strawberry Point School wish to thank all of this year’s volunteers for making our annual fund-raiser a success.

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