Fundraising Priorities

Dear Strawberry Point community,

Recently the PTA asked for your thoughts on how to allocate and eventually spend the money we hope and expect to raise on Auction Night.

We were pleased that many of you weighed in with your ideas, which we sifted through and later discussed at a PTA meeting. This included input from our parents, as well as from the teachers and staff.

Your ideas fell into three main categories: major school improvements; increased classroom staffing and programs and equipment. The Mill Valley School District is planning to address much needed building upgrades, maintenance and expansion in the coming years, so anything related to facilities management was moved off of our funding priorities list. Our local School Board oversees matters related to classroom staffing, so we moved those items off of our list as well.

That leaves us with a wish list of programs and equipment for our school. We sorted through these suggestions, prioritized them by again soliciting feedback from parents, teachers and staff, and divided them into three broad categories: science, technology and student support. Our plan is to fund the items through Auction Night proceeds. We will start at the top of our list and work our way down, funding the items as money allows. Separately, we’ve noted some “General Fund” items at the bottom of the list which the PTA can fund right away out of its general fund.

If you have questions, want more information or have any other suggestions, feel free to contact us — Steve Jaber at, or Leslie Winokur at We always welcome your feedback.

Again, thank you for your input and support.

Steve Jaber and Leslie Winokur, PTA co-presidents


    1. Science: Expand and fund the naturalist’s salary through Feb. 2009. This is NOT considered a permanent staffing position handled by the Board. Our school has an exciting opportunity ahead of it to develop a unique environmental education curriculum focusing on the field and wetlands preserve, our garden and the San Francisco Bay (Richardson Bay?) out our back door. The naturalist will play an increasingly greater role — by continuing to work with our teachers, staff, children and parents — in helping to define our environmental education program. $26,600
    2. Student Support: Reinstate and expand after-school homework club to include two teachers for one hour, four days a week, serving students in grades 1-5. Students are referred by teachers first, and then it’s on a space-available basis. $6,800
    3. Student Support: Improve the Kindergarten play area. Relocate the small house and purchase an additional bar structure. $7,000
    4. Science: Purchase a small pre-fab greenhouse for the garden to grow garden and wetlands plants. $3,500
    5. Science: Purchase additional science equipment supplies to support general science and wetlands education, restoration and monitoring work. $10,000
    6. Technology: Replace broken or outdated desktop computers in the classrooms and library. $10,000
    7. Technology: Purchase 10 additional laptops to have two full laptop carts. $13,000
    8. Technology: Purchase 17 wireless ceiling-mounted LCD projectors for each class, the Learning Center and the MPR so teachers can project lessons from the Internet and make class presentations more effective. $19,000 plus the cost to install and mount.
    9. Technology: Improve MPR lighting and sound system. $3,500

      GRAND TOTAL: $99,400

      General Fund Items: Replace MPR piano, repair some classroom computers and purchase some science equipment. $4,000

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