History of Auction Night

Started in the 2000-2001 school year by parents and restaurateurs Eddie and Marcella Savino, Auction Night has become Strawberry Point’s largest fund-raising event. Over the past 6 years, Eddie and Marcella along with numerous members of the Strawberry Point School PTA have donated their time and tireless energy to enrich the experiences of all the children attending our wonderful school.

Eddie and Marcella Savino at The Brazen Head Block Party 2007.

Originally called Casino Night, the event’s name has undergone several changes over the years but has always maintained it purpose to support our school, to bring the Strawberry Point School Community closer together, and to throw a fantastic party.

Proceeds have underwriten special projects at our young school, reopened just eight years ago. Previous Casino Nights have put books on our library shelves, funded playground equipment, and allowed us to purchase computers, digital cameras and other technology. Proceeds from the last three years are helping us realize our dream of enhancements to our tidal wetlands and a grassy play area. This year, Auction Night will continue to fund the specific needs of our school and underwrite new and ongoing projects.

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  1. Michael Says:

    If you have stories or photos you’d like to share from previous Casino Nights or share your thoughts on Eddie & Marcella, we want to hear from you! You can post stories and comments here and email photos to Michael (michael.dk@comcast.net). If you need photos to be scanned I will happily arrange to have that done at your convenience.

    Thank you!

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