Class Photos

The Graduating Class of 1969-1970 (Don Kline & Judy Ekman) – New!

The Graduating Class of 1970-1971 (Judy Ekman)

The Graduating Class of 1971-1972 (Judy Ekman)

The Graduating Class of 1972-1973…missing!

The Graduating Class of 1973-1974 (Glenn)

The Graduating Class of 1974-1975 (John Rojas)

The Graduating Class of 1975-1976 (John Rojas)

The Graduating Class of 1976-1977…missing!

The Graduating Class of 1977-1978 (John Rojas) – New!

The Graduating Class of 1978-1979 (John Rojas)

The Graduating Class of 1979-1980…missing!

Help us locate missing photos and complete our archive! Please contact Michael ( @ if you still own any of the missing photographs.

6 Responses to “Class Photos”

  1. Deb Schwarz Says:

    Strawberry Pt. Alumni: Do you recognize anyone on these photos????

    Let us know if you are coming to the Feb. 9: “Blast from the Past” party – and connect with other Strawberry Pt. Alumni here.

    Just add a comment in the box and hit “Submit Comment”…

  2. Jill Templeton (nee Rayner) Says:

    I’ve got my class photos from my years at SPS. 1963 to 1969 and I know lots of faces and names. Would someone like to scan them and add to the site?

  3. Michael Says:

    Hi Jill, I’ll be in touch next week to arrange scanning of the photos. in the meantime if you have questions or comments please feel free to email me ( Thanks!

  4. Janet Fay Conner Says:

    Hi, I graduated from the last 6th grade class in 1972. My mom is looking for my old class pictures. I’ll give you a copy if they turn up. I don’t think I have other pictures of the school from the 70’s, just memories.

    Do you know if there’s a data base of Strawberry Point grads, either at the school or district level? If not, it may be a good project for me to get started.

  5. Janet Fay Conner Says:

    Hey Michael, since the class pictures actually say the year prior to graduation, the fall 1971 photo is my 1972 graduating class. See if you can find me! I recently got together with two of the other girls in the class.

  6. Janet Fay Conner Says:

    Michael, my mom could only find two photos, one is marked Strawberry School Spring 1955 (must be 1st grade) & the other is the 5th grade class from 1960/61. They’re not graduating classes, but would you like to scan them anyway?

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