Super Strawberries

Javelin Jerks 1969-70 (Don Kline & Judy Ekman) – New!

Wild Strawberries 1970-71 (Don Kline, Rich Ponzio, Patricia, & Sue)

Super Strawberries 1971-72 (Don Kline)

Super Strawberries 1972-73…missing!

Super Strawberries 1973-74 (Don Kline)

Super Strawberries 1974-75 (Don Kline)

Super Strawberries 1975-76 (Don Kline)

Super Strawberries 1976-77…missing!

The Portable People 1977-78 (Don Kline) – New!

The Portable People 1978-79 (Don Kline) – New!

The Portable People 1979-80 (Don Kline) – New!

Help us locate missing photos and complete our archive! Please contact Michael ( @ if you still own any of the missing photographs.

3 Responses to “Super Strawberries”

  1. Klaus Larsen Says:

    I don’t know what the super strawberries were, but I was in Don’s 1979 class in 5th grade.

    I do know that Don always had great incentive programs and fun things to do–always. One time he challenged the entire class to read a set number of books. We succeeded, and the prize was to walk to Bud’s ice cream where he treated us all to cones!

    Anyone remember IHTTYSBITYS? He always had fun word plays like that (“I hate to tell you so but I told you so”). We were in the only portable at the time and we had a haunted house in October for the rest of the school. The portable had cool couches–very hippy at the time, and a cool little bunkbed-style structure to chill and read on.

    I credit Don with changing all my perceptions of life and look so fondly back at his out-of-the-box style of learning. He has changed my life to this day and one day I hope to tell him how much he means (and meant) to me.

    He was epitome of a great teacher, and I hope he is doing well wherever he is. God Bless Don Kline and all teachers like him. He was the best.

  2. Deb Schwarz Says:

    Klaus – we have invited Don! I’ll let you know if he can come so you can thank him in person. Thanks for sharing your fond memories – he sounded like an amazing teacher!

  3. Catherine Baresin Harper Says:

    I was in Don Kline’s 6th grade class in 1968-69. Would love to know if he is still teaching.

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