Rita Abrams


In 1970, Rita Abrams, a kindergarten teacher at Strawberry Point School, wrote a song for her students to sing with her. Through a series of events, the song, entitled “Mill Valley” and sung by Rita and the then-third grade class of Strawberry Point School, was recorded and became a nationwide hit. You can read about it at Tom McMahon’s blog and the Rita Abrams blog.


Purchase the CD on Amazon.com.

During the Mill Valley 4th of July celebration that year, a camera crew from Warner Bros. captured the event, directed by an unknown filmmaker named Francis Ford Coppola.

“Floating Away” was another song written and performed by Rita and her class in 1970. It features some brief nostalgic footage of Mill Valley and Strawberry. The video was recently posted on YouTube courtesy of Jason Lewis of MarinNostalgia.org.

In retrospect it seems a perfect idyllic start to the 70’s for Strawberry Point School.

6 Responses to “Rita Abrams”

  1. Rita Abrams Says:

    Hi. Thanks for featuring my films. I’ll donate a couple of our albums to the auction.
    Rita Abrams

  2. Melanie Victor-Smith Says:

    Hi Rita – thanks for doing this. I’m trying to get my brother Scott to come and maybe he can get Jerry Norton to attend as well. I’m going to invite Don Kline too…look forward to seeing you.
    Melanie Victor (-Smith)

  3. Janet Fay Conner Says:

    Two of my older brothers were in Germany the summer that “Mill Valley” came out and they heard the song on the radio. It was a world-wide hit!

    Melanie, tell Scott & Jerry that I’d love to see them if they can make it back to the 70’s!

  4. Deb Schwarz Says:

    Just found out that some of Rita’s original singing kids will be coming to the Benefit Party and will be on stage with Rita to sing! Erin Schwarz, Bruce Bennett – and we’re trying to get Jerry Norton and Jana Delmus (sp?).


  5. Scott Garbutt Says:

    HI…..I just found out about the benifit tonight and might try to make it there. I was one of Rita’s original kids in Mill Valley.

  6. benson toy Says:

    Hi Rita,

    It was a treat to see you at the auction. I won the silent
    auction for your album and cd. The lp was not authographed
    and I was wondering if you can sign it? Please let me
    know how I can get your signature!

    Benson Toy
    (Strawberry Pt. parent)

    (h) 415.388.5766

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