Staff Offerings

The following individuals have been generously offered to donate their time and energy. Please support the participants of our fund raiser by giving them your support and your thanks.

YES! = Agreed to donate!
YES!! = Form signed and submitted!!

  1. Kindergarten Teachers – YES!!
  2. 1st Grade (Jan Bolgla) – YES!!
  3. 1st Grade (Lauren Sidle & Adam Saville) – YES!!
  4. 2nd Grade (Kimberly Russell, Bev Medynski, Erin Hughes) – YES!!
  5. 3rd Grade (Kim Jenkin, Heather Lavasseur, Kristina Putali) – YES!!
  6. 4th Grade (Martina Heppner & Liz Brown) – YES!!
  7. 5th Grade (Niko Castaillac & Mary Ann Ellison) – YES!!
  8. Bain LaPlant & Cade Hardin – YES!!
  9. Dee Kauer & Selina Boatright – YES!!
  10. Leslie Thornton – YES!!

2 Responses to “Staff Offerings”

  1. Fourth Grade Teachers Says:

    I’ll turn in the form on Tuesday.

  2. Michael Says:

    Teachers and faculty, thank you for your participation.

    We’d love to share any photos you may have from previous year’s Staff Offerings. You can email digital photos to me at or I’ll be happy to scan them at your convenience.

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